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Save O2. Go Green!

About Save O2

We operate a non-profit foundation named 'Save O2', also known as the 'Guardians of Oxygen'. The primary goal of our foundation is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and preserve oxygen for future generations, thereby protecting the Earth. To achieve this, we conduct various green activities. We restore large-scale forests to reclaim more green environment on Earth, and prevent environmental pollution around us through clean-up campaigns. We also strive to reduce waste by improving packaging methods, such as zero plastic, into sustainable methods. We promote participation in environmental protection activities in the community through workshops and awareness-raising campaigns, and advocate for sustainable and environmentally friendly policies to influence policy decisions.

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Raised ThroughOur Campaigns


People Benefited from Our Programs


Programs Initiated Since 2023


Volunteers Across the Globe

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Young plant of forest tree
beach cleaning

Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation

Clean-Up Campaign

people packaging supplies
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Green packaging

Green Workshops


Get Involved - Save the Earth!

Donate Program

Join us in our various programs dedicated to reducing carbon dioxide and protecting oxygen as a part of our environmental organization. Your donation will be a significant contribution towards achieving our goals.

Volunteer Program

Join the Save O2 volunteer team and make a difference in the world. We have several programs that need your help!

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