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About Save O2
We are 'Guardians of Oxygen'

Our Non-Profit Foundation
'The Guardians of Oxygen'

We operate a non-profit foundation called 'Save O2', also known as 'Guardians of Oxygen'.

Our main goal is to protect the natural environment and, further, the earth, by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and preserving oxygen for future generations. To achieve this, we engage in various eco-friendly activities (Green Activities), among which we run the following five green campaigns as our key programs.​

As the guardians of oxygen, Save O2 is conducting various campaigns to reclaim a greener Earth. Our Forest Restoration Campaign focuses on generating oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide through large-scale tree planting efforts. Additionally, we strive to prevent pollution in our surrounding environment through the Cleanup Campaign, and our Zero Plastic Campaign aims to reduce waste and minimize the use of non-renewable resources by transforming existing packaging methods into eco-friendly ones. Participation in the Green Community involves promoting involvement in environmental protection activities within the community through workshops and awareness campaigns. Advocacy for Green Policies aims to influence society-wide policy decisions by advocating for sustainable and environmentally friendly policies.


Through these diverse campaigns, Save O2 aims to protect the Earth and contribute to oxygen conservation for future generations. Our foundation takes the lead in environmental protection, fulfilling Green Responsibility for everyone.

Jum-Ju Lee,  leejumju

Chief Green Officer(CGO)

- Chairman of the Foundation -

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission are to promote environmental sustainability and preserve the earth by safeguarding oxygen, thereby raising awareness of the crucial duty we have for future generations.


We believe that everyone can make a change, and our aim is to encourage individuals and communities to take action towards a more sustainable future. Through our programs and initiatives, we pursue the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and conserving oxygen for future generations.

Please join us in our mission to create a better world for ourselves and the planet.

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Our Profit Organization
Robo Asset Grid Company

In addition to our non-profit foundation, we also operate a for-profit company, Robo Asset Grid Co., Ltd. This company is conducting the following profit-making projects. First, the manufacture, production, and sales of digital smart meters: We provide smart meters that help our customers measure and manage their energy use. This enables users to effectively reduce their energy consumption. Second, we operate a car scrapping intermediary platform: We offer a way to scrap cars safely and efficiently. This helps to reduce waste of resources and dispose of cars in a way that is less harmful to the environment. Third, we run an energy-saving platform: We offer a platform that encourages people to actively participate in energy saving. This platform operates in a way that allows users to receive rewards while reducing energy use.


The 'non-profit organization Oxygen Guardian' and the 'for-profit company Robo Asset Grid' are creating synergy through various routes for environmental protection. Our efforts aim to protect the earth and propose ways in which we can all take responsibility for a sustainable future, all with the ultimate goal of creating a better world.

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