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Non-profit Foundation 'Guardian of Oxygen Save O2', a new beginning for the Earth.

Our passion and affection for environmental protection and sustainability have come together to birth the non-profit foundation 'Guardian of Oxygen Save O2', starting today.

This foundation is committed to reducing the Earth's carbon dioxide emissions and preserving oxygen for future generations. We are striving for a world where society and the environment coexist and create mutual benefits. Greening the Earth through various eco-friendly activities is our goal. To this end, 'Guardian of Oxygen Save O2' is leading the following key green campaigns:

  1. Forest Restoration: We aim to return more oxygen to the Earth through a large-scale tree planting program.

  2. Cleanup Campaign: We run cleaning teams that work for the environmental protection of the community.

  3. Zero Plastic: We reduce waste and minimize the use of non-renewable resources by changing product packaging to sustainable methods.

  4. Community Participation: We encourage community participation in environmental conservation activities through workshops and awareness-raising campaigns.

  5. Policy Advocacy: We influence policy decisions by advocating for sustainable and environmentally friendly policies. 'Guardian of Oxygen Save O2' believes that small actions taken by individuals play an important role in making big changes.

We are convinced that everyone has the ability to participate in environmental protection and save the Earth. In this way, 'Guardian of Oxygen Save O2' will continue to promote practical actions for a sustainable future and persist in efforts for a better world.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has joined us in this new beginning, and we ask for your continued interest and participation in our journey for the Earth.



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