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The non-profit foundation 'Save O2', is actively interacting with environmental groups Worldwide.

The non-profit foundation 'Save O2' is leading the way in protecting the environment and is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with various environmental groups around the world.

'Save O2' is engaged in a variety of programs aimed at protecting our environment and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and these efforts are being reinforced through global exchanges and cooperation. We have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with various environmental groups from all over the world and are working together for a sustainable future.

This cooperation helps to increase international awareness of 'Save O2's main green campaigns and enables environmental protection activities on a wider scale. Our various activities, including various environmental campaigns such as forest restoration campaigns, promotion of community participation, and advocacy of sustainable policies, are being expanded through cooperation with global environmental groups.

In this way, 'Save O2' is leading the way in protecting the earth and continuing activities for a better future, hand in hand with colleagues around the world. Our efforts are an important step in protecting the earth, and our efforts will have a greater impact when combined with other environmental groups around the world.

'Save O2' welcomes cooperation with all environmental groups worldwide, and looks forward to creating the future of environmental protection together. On this journey together, we will be able to gain more inspiration and learning, which will contribute to creating a better world for all of us.



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