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Our Green Programs
Go Green! Save O2!

CO2 Reduction and O2 Conservation
​Volunteer Program

'Save O2' is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing carbon dioxide and preserving oxygen for future generations. Various programs, including environmental restoration and conservation, energy-saving activities, and community outreach programs, help support our mission. Please join us step by step in our mission to save the Earth.

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Green Transportation

At 'Save O2', we believe that reducing our carbon footprint is crucial for protecting the Earth. Our 'Green Transportation' program aims to encourage people to use eco-friendly modes of transportation, such as bicycles and electric cars.

Bicycles not only serve as a means of transportation while maintaining health in a society in need of exercise, but also produce almost no carbon emissions. On the other hand, electric cars emit significantly less carbon dioxide than traditional gasoline cars and offer the possibility of being charged through renewable energy sources.

The Green Transportation program is more than just encouraging the use of eco-friendly modes of transportation.


This program also includes developing eco-friendly transportation infrastructure in local communities and educational programs that make people reconsider their mode of transportation. Join Save O2 to reduce fossil fuel use, protect the Earth, and reduce carbon emissions. Our small actions can collectively make a big change for the Earth.

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Sustainable Living

Living sustainably is essential to reducing our environmental impact. At 'Save O2', we provide various resources and programs to help people live sustainably through composting, waste reduction, and energy-efficient living.

Composting plays a crucial role in reducing our waste and providing rich soil for our gardens and farms. The waste reduction program teaches ways to minimize unnecessary waste by reusing, recycling, and efficiently disposing of the items we use. Energy-efficient living teaches ways to maintain our quality of life while using less energy.


We believe that sustainable living is important not just for protecting the environment, but also for our health, happiness, and economic stability. Join Save O2 to take part in our mission to live sustainably while protecting the Earth. Our collective small efforts can become a powerful force in protecting the Earth.

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Community Outreach

At Save O2, we believe that communication with local communities is essential in creating a sustainable future. Our community outreach programs provide various opportunities for individuals to engage in environmental restoration and community support.

These programs contribute to environmental protection in various ways, such as improving the ecosystem of the local community through environmental conservation activities, and raising awareness about environmental protection through educational sessions. Additionally, these programs allow individuals to participate directly in environmental protection activities through community engagement, helping them realize the importance of ecosystem preservation and practice sustainable lifestyles.

Environmental protection is not enough with the efforts of individuals alone. We all need to participate to protect our community and our planet. Join Save O2 and take part in leading changes in your community. Your participation will greatly assist in creating a sustainable future for our community and the planet.


Green Energy

Green energy is the future of our planet. At Save O2, we provide resources and programs to assist people in transitioning to green energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines. This is a critical step in addressing global issues like global warming.

Our programs focus on enhancing energy efficiency, promoting the use of renewable energy, and spreading the knowledge and skills needed to create sustainable energy systems. For instance, we offer practical guides and education on the installation of smart meter systems, solar and wind energy systems, and conduct campaigns to raise awareness about green energy. Our efforts do not stop at education. We promote the adoption of renewable energy through changes in laws and policies, develop and test new technologies and solutions, with the aim of accelerating the transition to green energy worldwide.

All these efforts ultimately contribute to protecting the planet and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, playing an essential role in making our world healthier and more sustainable. Join Save O2 and participate in our mission to transition to green energy. Together, we can bring about significant change in reducing environmental pollution and protecting our planet.

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Environmental Education

Education is a key element in creating a sustainable future. At Save O2, we provide resources and programs necessary for educating people about environmental restoration and conservation. We aim to help people of all generations and social classes understand the importance of protecting the Earth and translate that understanding into action.

Our educational programs cover a wide range of topics. These include climate change, biodiversity, energy efficiency, recycling, and sustainable agriculture, covering all the major elements necessary for maintaining the health of our planet. We provide this education targeting schools, public institutions, corporations, and individuals, encouraging everyone to take sustainable actions and make changes in their everyday lives for a better future.

Our mission goes beyond simply conveying information; we aim to educate and motivate people to take actions that protect the Earth. Protecting the Earth is everyone's responsibility, and it's important to equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to do so.

Join Save O2 now and participate in our mission to educate the world about the importance of environmental protection. Together, we can protect the Earth and spread the knowledge needed for everyone to create a sustainable future.

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Green Buildings

Green buildings are essential in reducing our environmental impact. At Save O2, we provide a variety of resources and programs that can assist people in constructing green and sustainable buildings. This includes LEED certification and energy-efficient building methods.


Through these green construction methods, we can reduce energy consumption, decrease carbon dioxide emissions, and simultaneously lessen the environmental impact our buildings have on our lives.

We also place emphasis on collaborating with communities to create sustainable cities and societies. Our mission is not just to make buildings green, but to elevate the value of environmental protection, and through that, make the world we live in a better place.


Participate in our green building program and contribute to protecting our planet and reducing emissions with us. The Earth is our collective home, and its health is everyone's responsibility. Join Save O2 in building a sustainable future.

People doing construction works

Social Media Advocates

Social media is a powerful tool for sparking change. At Save O2, we offer a variety of resources and programs to help people become social media advocates for environmental restoration and conservation.


Please join our mission to create a sustainable future for all. We believe that the collective effort of individuals can bring about significant change. Through social media, a tool of the digital age, we can spread awareness of the importance of environmental protection faster and more widely.


Join, share, and take action to be part of this rewarding effort. A sustainable future is everyone's responsibility, and Save O2 is here to help us walk that path together.

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